Haynes Family Crest

William Haynes of Colonial Virginia

This is the two-hundred ninety year family history of William Haynes (1710-1780), whose descendants left the Tidewater and forged westward into the foothills of western Virginia, then thru the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, and on to Mississippi and Texas.

It is dedicated to the assembly of a more complete, accurate, and interesting understanding of our common roots; to provide an informative history of those roots to our extended family; to provide a common forum to capture your additions, comments, corrections, and for us to have fun!

The data were last updated in March 2002, adding 200+ new people, and 100+ new surnames; it now contains 2877 individuals, with 1068 surnames. More data will be forthcoming in the next few months. In addition, there is now a direct link to new Haynes DNA studies, which should help with dead ends, and solve the Three Brothers issue.

The notes are being extensively edited in preparation for a book on our family, and are no longer on this site.

NEW! Haynes-DNA

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