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William Haynes of Colonial Virginia

The book, now in preparation, will discuss the life of William and his family as it grew thru two centuries, prospered, and forged West thru Kentucky, Mississippi, and on to Texas. A number of the families will be described in detail, drawing on biographies from the nineteenth century. It will describe much of the background forces which led to migration, the history of settlement of the new states and counties. The papers of Col. John L. Haynes will be used to show his foresight in predicting the outcome of secession and the Civil War.

Expected to be 200 to 300 pages, the book will include bible data, wills, and pictures where available. It will, of course, be thoroughly indexed, and sources given for all facts. If you have data--family bibles, photos, wills, family group sheets--which you feel belong in this book, please contact me to discuss the possibility of including them.

NOTE: The book (and this website) have been put on hold for a while as I was building a set of tools for helping genealogists and family historians to get more information out of the older (pre-1850) census. The first of the tools is now available at www.CensusMate.com -- try it and let me know how it helps your research.

Send e-mails regarding including your Haynes data in the book to: email@HaynesFamily.com



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