Three centuries of our family history begins with

William Haynes in Colonial Virginia ...

  Our earliest known ancestor is William Haynes, who settled in Bedford County, Virginia early in its formation in 1754.   1710-1780
William's son Henry Haynes lived and died in Bedford County, where he sired 18 children with two wives.  

Henry's son John and family emigrated west through Tennessee, where he is thought to have died. John's wife Elizabeth and four of his children, among them his son John L Haynes, moved on to Mississippi.   1776-1830
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John L. went to Texas to fight the war with Mexico and settled in Austin, Texas, serving in the state legislature. He joined the Union during the civil war, and retired as a Colonel, retiring to Laredo, Texas, where he died.   1821-1888
The Colonel's son, Dr. Henry M. Haynes, moved east from Texas to Washington, D.C. where he died.   1855-1916
Henry's son John L. Haynes II was born, lived and died in Washington, DC, where his son JLH III was born.   1902-1985
John L. Haynes III attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and in 1956 moved west, all the way to California, where JLH IV was born. He moved to North Carolina in 1979.   1934-20xx
Shortly after JLH III moved east to North Carolina, JLH IV also moved back east, settling in Falls Church, VA, where he now resides.   1957-20xx
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