John Haynes (1776- ca1830)

John was the son of Henry Haynes (1745-1816), and his first wife Bersheba Hampton. John was a middle child with 17 brothers and sisters. He was born in Bedford County, Virginia about 1776, at the beginning of  the Revolutionary War. His birth date is estimated from his first appearance in the tax rolls of Bedford County, in 1797, when he is assumed to be 21. His date and place of death are so far unknown.

In the fall of 1804, at age 28, he married Elizabeth Scott, the daughter of Revolutionary Soldier William Scott and his wife Elizabeth Abbot (Wade) Scott of Chesterfield County, Virginia. Elizabeth bore John Haynes nine children, at two year intervals over nineteen years. James Haynes, the baby of the family, was born when she was 38.

Children Life span Spouse
1 Elizabeth Haynes (1805-____) Isaac Hale
2 William Scott Haynes (1807-____) Louisa C. Williams (?)
3 Henry Haynes (1809-1880)
4 Mary Turner Haynes (1811-____)
5 Malcolm Decater Haynes (1815-1863)
6 Harriett Amanda Haynes (1816-____) Young Gresham Houston
7 Susan Marion Haynes (1818-1887)
8 John L. Haynes (1821-1888) Angelica Irene Wells
9 James Marion Haynes (1824-1886) Harriett Amma Beall and Mary D. ___?____

Mary "Polly" Scott, the sister of Elizabeth (Scott) Haynes, married David Street, in whose family bible are the names and birth dates of her sister  Elizabeth's siblings and children. John Haynes  went into business with his brother-in-law Lennaeus Scott,  Elizabeth's younger brother. Lennaus was most probably named after Carolus Linnaeus, (born Carl von Linne)1707-1778 Swedish botanist and originator of the binomial (genus and species) system of taxonomic classification, e.g. homo sapiens, that lead to Darwin's Theory of Evolution. The firm of Haynes & Scott was in the town of Liberty, later re-named Bedford City.

Emigration West - Many of the Haynes family moved west into Tennessee and Kentucky as these lands opened up to settlement in the late 1700s and early 1800s. John's aunt, Mary (Haynes) Long was among the first -- she and her husband John Long moved to Kentucky in 1789. His uncle William Haynes moved to KY about 1798; his sister Bathsheba and her family moved to Grayson Co., KY ca 1811;his brothers Henry and William moved Breckinridge County, KY about 1817-8. His sister Harriett moved to Mississippi and married there in 1833.

The date when John & Elizabeth moved west is not known, but   events help to narrow the possibilities to between 1824 and 1826. In 1823, they started to sell off land, incurred debts, and closed down the mercantile business that was apparently failing.  While he is not listed in the 1820 or 1830 census for Bedford County,he is on the tax rolls from 1797 thru 1823. He does not appear in the Bedford County tax rolls after 1823.

Date       Item Book Page
20 Sep 1823 John & Elizabeth sell "Haynes Mill" and ca 350 acres land to Charles Whiteley for $5,000 18 414
30 Dec 1823 John & Elizabeth sell their lot on Main street to Abel Nichols for $2,500 [bought in Sep 1822 for $250!] 18 187
10 Feb 1824 Elizabeth gives birth to James Marion Haynes in Bedford County, VA
27 Jul 1824 John pledges a slave to Linnaus Scott to secure an overdraft from their business 18 371
04 Aug 1824 "Haynes & Scott" has ceased business, and deeds their inventory to deal with outstanding debt. 18 385
18 May 1825 John Haynes still in debt to Peter Street, et al for  $475 19 196

Elizabeth and part of the family moved to Tennessee, and then on to Mississippi, where she died in October 1864. She is buried in Holmes County, MS, near the present city of Lexington.

The Children - His son William Scott Haynes may have moved to Bedford County, Tennessee -- a man of that name was involved in a lawsuit there in 1840, and a W. Scott Haynes is in the 1840 census for that county, age range 30-40. He may also have married in North Carolina -- a William Scott Haynes was married in Orange County, NC in 1837. Sons James M., John L, and Malcolm D. were in Holmes County, MS in the mid 1840s, where James and Malcolm had extensive land dealings, and John L. edited the Lexington Advertiser Newspaper. James served as Sherriff in Holmes County, and was a quartermaster in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He is rumored to have returned to Virginia to die in 1886. Some census records for MS show James M. as "Jame Sm."

Young John L. went on to a distinguished political and military career in Texas, serving in the Texas Legislature, and as a Colonel in the US Army in the War.  He is buried in a family plot in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, TX. There are four separate versions of what the "L" in his middle name stands for. Unlike his siblings, he is listed without a middle name in the Street bible. His uncle was Linnaus Scott -- this may be the origin of my family names John Lenneis Haynes?

If you have any information on the later life of John 1776, or his children, please contact me by e-mail.

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